CA Legislature Passes Rubio Bill Targeting Childhood Racial Disparities in Healthcare

September 9, 2021

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Legislature today passed a bill by Senator Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) that targets childhood racial disparities in healthcare.

Senate Bill 682, “End Racial Inequities in Children’s Health in California Initiative” (EnRICH CA), requires the California Health and Human Services Agency, in collaboration with relevant agencies, departments, and stakeholders, to develop and implement a plan that reduces racial disparities in children health outcomes by 50% by December 31, 2030.

“We need to tackle racial health inequities by establishing clear goals, and SB 682 will do that,” Senator Susan Rubio said. “California leads the country in expanding healthcare, so we need to make sure that no one falls through gaps, especially those in our most vulnerable populations. I’m grateful the California Legislature passed this bill with bipartisan support. Ensuring equitable and timely access to preventative measures will lead to better health outcomes for our children and have lifelong positive effects.”

“We applaud the Legislature for passing SB 682, committing the state to concrete steps to reduce racial disparities in chronic childhood health conditions,” said President of Children Now, Ted Lempert. “It is an absolutely necessary step to augment and complement other state efforts on health equity. Racial gaps in childhood chronic diseases have lifelong implications, and California must have a detailed, comprehensive strategy to address racial inequities in children’s health outcomes.”

“The Legislature’s passage of SB 682 demonstrates its commitment to directly targeting the impact of racial health disparities on children,” said Ann-Louise Kuhns, President and CEO of the California Children’s Hospital Association. “If signed into law, this legislation will harness the state’s capacity across multiple departments to identify and address the full range of factors that contribute to the persistent and disproportionate impact of chronic diseases on communities of color.”

“Public Health Advocates is pleased that the California Legislature voted to pass SB 682 today,” said Harold Goldstein, Executive Director of Public Health Advocates. “Giving state agencies an explicit directive to eliminate racial disparities in childhood chronic disease shows a serious commitment of our state’s leadership to addressing the impact of racism head on.”

Approximately 25% of all children experience chronic health conditions. In California, the most common diseases and illnesses among our youth include asthma, diabetes, depression, dental caries, and vaping-related diseases. As a former educator and a current member on the Senate Health Committee, Sen. Susan Rubio continues to advocate for the health of our youth population, ensuring they are able to reach their full potential.

SB 682 now heads to the Governor’s desk for signature.


Media Contact: Edward Barrera,