2020 Legislation

2020 -- Legislation related to Insurance, local government, domestic violence, healthcare access and housing. 

SignedSB 1141 Domestic violence: coercive control. The bill would add “coercive control” to the Family Code. This behavior of coercive control includes: Isolating the victim from friends, relatives, or other support; depriving the victim of basic necessities; controlling the victim’s communications, daily behavior, finances, economic resources, and many other behaviors that cause severe emotional distress.

SignedSB 1276 The Comprehensive Statewide Domestic Violence Program. The bill removes the 10 percent cash or in-kind matching requirement for state grants awarded to domestic violence programs that provide essential resources. In addition to state requirements, domestic violence service providers must also meet match fund requirements for federal funding sources.

Signed - SB 1212 Joint powers authorities: San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust: board of directors. It will strengthens the San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust by making three changes to the board. First, it will guarantee continuity of experience by staggering the two-year terms of board members. Second, it will expand housing and homelessness expertise on the board. Third, it will ensure board decisions are equitable by requiring city representatives on the board be from different cities.

Signed - SB 1307 Street lighting systems: City of Rosemead This bill will allow the City of Rosemead to utilize funding established through the 1919 Lighting District funds for public benefits allowed under 1972 Landscape and Lighting Act.