2024 Legislation

SB 528 - California Earthquake Authority Financial Restructure. SB 528 makes technical changes to outdated insurance code sections of the California Earthquake Authority’s (CEA) statute regarding potential assessments of the insurance industry, and consolidates a duplicative Legislative reporting requirement.

SB 536 - Chino: Surplus Lands Act. This bill would authorize the Dept. of General Services to sell a property to the City of Chino at fair market, or below market value upon terms and conditions the director determines are in the best interests of the state.

SB 690 - The Phoenix Act 2.0. This bill would allow domestic violence (DV) survivors additional critical time needed to heal from their trauma and report DV abuse, by extending the statute of limitations to past 15 years.

SB 998 - Human Trafficked Children Program Protection Act. Will protect victims of child labor trafficking by providing the same model of care and protections as other child survivors of human trafficking and child abuse by:

  • Require a social worker not to separate a victim of human trafficking from their legal guardian as long as the guardian did not put the child in danger.
  • Require county child welfare agencies and probation departments, to work in consultation with the CA Department of Education, State Department of Health Care Services, law enforcement, and experienced agencies serving children and youth to expand policies and procedures to apply to children who are, or will be at risk of being victims of labor trafficking.
  • Requires the Child Welfare Services’ Case Management System to collect data on children who are victims of human trafficking no later than June 1, 2025.

SB 1054 - Climate Pollution Reduction in Homes Initiative Act. Will improve the public health of low-income and disadvantaged communities by establishing the Climate Pollution Reduction in Homes Initiative by requiring the California Energy Commission (CEC) to administer a grant program that would provide financial assistance to low-income households for the purchase of zero-carbon-emitting appliances, low-income weatherization projects to improve air quality and finally, technology to address de-energization events. They would also need to develop guidelines for outreach and technical assistance, rates, loans, installations, educational information, and other support services to assist low-income households.

SB 1056 - Mandatory Kindergarten. Will ensure that children receive critical instruction in their earliest years of learning by requiring students in the state to attend kindergarten, beginning in the 2026-27 school year.

SB 1106 - Seniors Rights: Conservatorship. SB 1106 aims to strengthen protections for older adults under a conservatorship from being isolated by their caretaker by requiring conservators to notify loved ones of important developments, such as when they are removed from their personal residence, and provide details of the conservatee’s death, funeral, burial, or memorial arrangements.

SB 1230 - STOP & Seize Illegal Tobacco Products Act. Will protect the public health of all Californians, including California youth, by strengthening enforcement of California’s flavored tobacco ban and removing illegal tobacco products from the market. 

SB 1295 - Auto Insurance Notification Consumer Protection. The bill will ensure that consumers are protected from unfair auto insurance cancellation practices and clarifies that consumers have ten days to cure a nonpayment. 

SB 1391 - Teacher Data Collection. SB 1391 would strengthen the educator workforce by requiring the Cradle to Career (C2C) dashboard to provide critical data on teacher grant programs, along with teacher training pipelines to that will help foster a more diverse and equitable teacher workforce in California.

SB 1419 - Food Desert: Tax Credit. Will establish the Food Desert Elimination Fund of 2024 to help address food insecurity and poverty issues for our most vulnerable or at risk communities across the state. The bill will aim to ensure all Californians have access to healthy, fresh food options.