Susan Rubio was born in Juarez, Mexico and is the daughter of immigrant parents.  Her father came to the United States through the Bracero program in Texas. After the program ended, her father continued working in farms and other available jobs to ensure a better future for his family, eventually settling in California.  Susan’s upbringing and personal family experiences taught her the importance of hard work and determination.

Susan is the product of public schools. She worked as a bookkeeper doing payroll and taxes for a private company while putting herself through college. She attended Azusa Pacific University where she earned a Master’s Degree in Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. After graduating, she began her 17-year teaching career and is currently a fourth grade teacher with the Monrovia Unified School District.

Susan Rubio was first elected to represent the City of Baldwin Park as the City Clerk, where she focused on providing transparency and protecting democracy for residents. In 2009, Susan was entrusted to be the next Councilmember, where she helped balance the city budget during the recession and protected vital programs. Susan also has a long record of volunteerism and partnership with local non-profits, providing mentorships and college scholarships for local students.

With two decades of experience as a community leader, classroom teacher, and public servant, and as a lifelong champion for children, working families, economic justice and the environment, Susan Rubio understands the needs of the San Gabriel Valley.