CA Assembly Committee Passes Rubio Bill Providing Access to Local Infrastructure Funds for City of West Covina

June 9, 2021

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Assembly Local Government Committee today passed a bill by Sen. Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) that will allow the City of West Covina to utilize $3 million in existing funds that have been unavailable due to restrictions for local infrastructure projects.

Senate Bill 431 would give the City the ability to use funds already collected through the Improvement Act of 1911 for related projects allowable under the 1972 Landscape and Lighting Act. The City reports a balance of approximately $3 million collected under the 1911 Act that it has been unable to use because of restrictions. If the bill becomes law, the funds could be used for new and related local infrastructure projects.

“I am excited to see this bill, which will allow the City of West Covina the ability to use funds it already collects for critically-needed local infrastructure projects, pass the Assembly policy committee with bipartisan unanimous support,” Sen. Rubio said. “This bill will provide direct benefits to the City and its residents. By unlocking millions of dollars, this funding will strengthen the City’s public safety, environmental footprint, and provide many other benefits to constituents." 

The City of West Covina receives revenue under authority of the 1911 Act for the purpose of funding the operation and maintenance of their Landscaping and Lighting District. The City can only use funds from the 1911 Act for specified purposes, not for other needs it may have, such as the installation of public lighting facilities, including traffic signals, or for landscape maintenance.

The bill now goes to the State Assembly floor for a vote. 


Media Contact: Edward Barrera,