Statement: Senate Health Leader on the Anniversary of the ACA

March 23, 2017

Senator Hernandez recognizes the ACA accomplishments in California

SACRAMENTO – Chair of the Senate Health Committee Senator Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina) released the following statement on the signing anniversary of the Affordable Care Act: 

“Today, on the 7th Anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the majority party in Washington is trying to convince enough members of Congress to ignore the health of their constituents and vote to repeal the ACA so that they can provide a massive tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.

“In the best tradition of honoring anniversaries of landmark events, I would instead like to reflect on the remarkable progress this nation has made over these seven years improving access to health care across America, and especially in California. Five million more Californians now have health insurance, thanks to the ACA. The percentage of Californians under the age of 65 without insurance declined from 22% to approximately 7% today – the largest percentage point decline in the nation. These numbers may sound abstract, but they represent lives saved, families protected from bankruptcy, people with chronic conditions able to return to work. 

“To use the anniversary of this remarkable transformation in our healthcare system to yank the rug out from under these people is senseless and cruel, and is opposed by a clear majority of Americans. Today, just like other anniversaries, should be a time of celebration and of recommitment to the goal that brought us this far: affordable health care for all Americans.”