STATEMENT: Senate Health Leader Disappointed in Confirmation of Health and Human Services Secretary

February 10, 2017

SACRAMENTO: Senator Ed Hernandez, O.D., (D-West Covina) issued the following statement on the confirmation of Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia, as Health and Human Services Secretary:

"To say that Tom Price is a disappointing choice to run the federal Health and Human Services Agency is an understatement. The Senate has confirmed a Health and Human Services Secretary who wants to completely repeal the Medicaid expansion, who wants to let insurance companies charge those with preexisting conditions higher premiums, and who wants rich people to have the same tax credits for purchasing health insurance as those with a real financial need for assistance. Every idea that Tom Price has to ‘reform’ our health system benefits the healthy and wealthy at the expense of the sick and poor. He’s the wrong person to run a very important agency, and I hope more reasonable Republican Senators and members of Congress will come to their senses and protect the gains made by the Affordable Care Act against Tom Price’s dangerous ideas.”