Statement on the Budget Vote: Higher Education Trailer Bill - College Readiness Program

June 17, 2016

SACRAMENTO – The California State Senate passed the 2016-17 budget bill by a vote of 27-11. SB 826 (Leno) is on time, balanced, includes $122 billion spending plan, appropriates record levels of K-12 per-pupil spending, invests in public higher education, allocates money to the rainy day fund, and focuses on issues of poverty, housing and childcare.

Senator Ed Hernandez, chair of the Senate Health Committee, was a joint author of SB 1050, which was the Senate’s College Readiness Program. The bill provided greater incentives to school districts and charter schools to provide access to more rigorous coursework, provide K-12 teacher development in college-readiness subjects and grant money to help low-income students qualify for postsecondary institutions.

It also required the University of California to provide more enrollment slots for all students while at the same time admitting more students from high schools that enroll 75 percent or more low-income, English learners, and foster youth.

The adoption of the Senate’s College Readiness Program was included in the higher education budget trailer bill, AB 1602 by a vote of 29-5.


“Like many students I was the first in my family to attend college and faced many challenges. I entered a system I was unfamiliar with, one which my parents were unable to help me navigate,” said Senator Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina). “The adoption of the Senate’s College Readiness program will help a new generation of students move past the challenges to become part of the California’s workforce and global economy.”