With Unanimous, Bipartisan Support, Senator Susan Rubio’s Cancer Medication Recycling Program Bill Passes State Assembly B & P Committee

June 22, 2021

SACRAMENTO, CA – The State Assembly Business and Professions Committee today passed SB 310 by Senator Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) with unanimous, bipartisan support. This critical bill will expand access to life-saving cancer medication to needy cancer patients by creating a cancer medication donation program.

 “Access to healthcare is one of my top priorities,” Sen. Rubio said. “This program will help cancer patients receive critically needed medications, and I want to thank the Assembly committee for supporting this bill. It would reduce costs, ensure timely access, and prevent unused medications from going to waste, all while protecting our medically fragile patients.”

“It's too soon after Maggie's passing for me to be having good days,” said Ed Casaccia who testified in support and whose wife, Maggie, died of breast cancer in May.  “But thanks to Senator Rubio's bill and today's action by the Assembly Business and Professions Committee, I'm sure that Maggie herself would consider this a good day.” 

In 2018, the National Council on State Legislatures indicated there are 21 states that have active drug donation and reuse programs, serving thousands of patients, and saving tens of millions of dollars over the years.

The State Legislation for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network California and the Association of Northern California Oncologists are sponsors of the bill. It now heads to State Assembly Health. 


Media Contact: Edward Barrera, edward.barrera@sen.ca.gov