Statement: Senator Hernandez on the Governor’s Proposed Budget

January 10, 2018

SACRAMENTOSenator Ed Hernandez, O.D. (D-West Covina) released the following statement reacting to Governor Jerry Brown’s initial budget proposal.

“Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget is an initial step towards substantiating our commitment to protect and defend our California way of life. The proposed budget will save money for a rainy day, yet make an investment in our neediest populations. Now we in the Legislature need to strengthen our commitments that we will preserve the California Dream - we will keep defending our values and quality of life.”


Addressing CHIP

“We must defend California’s vulnerable populations, ensuring that those who have benefited from our health care gains continue to be protected. As the Governor’s budget points out, if Congress fails to extend CHIP, it will cost California hundreds of millions of dollars. I now ask Congress to reaffirm its commitment to the CHIP population; they shouldn’t abandon children and families in desperate need. CHIP has always had bipartisan support, and I refuse to believe Congress will let the program die.”

Senator Hernandez is the chair of the Senate Health Committee.


Funding free community college

“I applaud the Governor for his commitment to allocate $46 million to the California College Promise Program, which will provide one year of free tuition at a community college for California students. We must invest in our students and provide them the tools necessary to attain a quality higher education. This is a positive step forward to help our college students begin their higher educational journey. The California College Promise Program provides students the opportunity to dedicate themselves fully to their education.”

Senator Hernandez co-authored AB 19 (Assemblymember Santiago), which created the California College Promise Program.


Cleaning up contaminated drinking water

“I am pleased to see that the Governor recognizes the need to provide clean drinking water to the one million Californians without it. Too many Californians worry when they turn on their tap that their water is poisonous. I have met with families in East Orosi, Lanare and Alpaugh that have nitrate or arsenic contamination in their drinking water. This help would greatly improve their condition and give them the assurance that the drinking water they use is completely safe. The Governor’s commitment to create a new program to clean up our drinking water, as well as $4.6 million in startup funds, is a real, sustainable solution to this problem. Now, it’s up to the Legislature to join in this effort and realize this goal.”

Senator Hernandez is co-author on SB 623 (Senator Monning), which brought together the agricultural industry and environmental activist groups to create a Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund.

Read the recent op-ed in the Fresno Bee on contaminated drinking water in the Central Valley: