Governor VETOES Historic Health Insurance Reform

September 30, 2012

Governor VETOES Historic Health Insurance Reform

Veto sets ACA implementation back in California

Historic legislation implementing some of the most transformative and popular provisions of the federal

Affordable Care Act (ACA) was vetoed today by Governor Brown. Authored by California State Senator

Ed Hernandez, O.D. (D – West Covina), the legislation would have finally ensured that Californians

purchasing health care coverage in the individual market would no longer be discriminated against or

denied coverage.

Senate Bill 961 would have prevented insurance companies and health plans from denying coverage or

charging excessive premiums to people with preexisting health conditions, required the guaranteed

issue of health insurance and required that premiums be based solely on age, geography, and family


“SB 961 represents the heart of the consumer protections provided by the ACA,” Hernandez stated. “It’s

inexplicable to me that the Governor would veto a bill containing the most meaningful provisions of the

President’s signature legislative achievement.”

“The Governor had a clear choice to make with this bill, unfortunately he chose to stand with large

insurance companies at the expense of consumers,” concluded Hernandez.

Senator Hernandez plans to reintroduce a bill in special session to reform California’s individual market

in the spirit of the ACA.