Senator Applauds Landmark Supreme Court Decision: California Moving Forward

June 28, 2012

Sacramento – Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., California State Senator and Chairman of the Senate Health Committee, applauded the Supreme Court’s decision today upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in its entirety. 

“This is a landmark decision that will put an end to unnecessary delay and allow us to deliver on the promise of this historic law by expanding health coverage to millions of uninsured Californians” said Hernandez.

Senator Hernandez, who has been working to implement many aspects of the federal legislation here in California, noted the critical importance of having specific elements of the law upheld by the Court, including the Medicaid enhancements and federal subsidies that go directly to consumers to make health care more affordable for California’s families. 

“Here in California, we have moved quickly to implement many of the important reforms and consumer protections allowed under the ACA, including measures that require health plans to cover children, prohibit insurers from cancelling policies when the policyholder gets sick, and allowing dependents to remain on their parent’s coverage until age 26” continued Hernandez, “While much progress has been made there is still so much left to achieve before 2014.”

A number of pieces of legislation designed to implement additional ACA reforms in California are currently moving through the state legislature.  Senator Hernandez is the author of several bills that would put an end to the sale of “junk insurance” by establishing a minimum standard of coverage for all health benefit plans, as well as reform California’s individual health insurance market to eliminate the use of preexisting condition exclusions.  He is also the author of a bill that would create a “Basic Health Plan” to extend affordable, quality healthcare coverage to hundreds of thousands of low-income Californians for as little as $30 a month.

“The days of people having to choose between buying food and seeking medical care are coming to an end” added Hernandez “With today’s Supreme Court’s decision, California stands ready to implement the President’s vision and begin charting a new course for our health care system in this state.”