On the Madeline Brand Show

June 28, 2012

Now that healthcare has been upheld, what happens in California?

State Senator Ed Hernandez is Chair of the Senate's Health Committee, and has introduced legislation to implement provisions of the Affordable Care Act's health care reforms in California.

Senator Hernandez expressed his happiness about he ruling to Madeline Brand. He is now tasked with implementing the law in California.

"We need to make sure we draw down as many federal dollars as possible," Hernandez said. "But more importantly I've made it my absolute priority as Chair of Health to make sure we get full implementation of ACA and move forward with my three key pieces of legislation which play an integral part of doing so."

He talked in further detail with Madeleine about what will happen, specifically to MediCal, now that the health care law has been upheld.


Ed Hernandez, State Senator that primarily represents East L.A., and Chair of the California Senate's Health Committee.