Press Releases

Assemblymember Hernandez Equal Opportunity Amendment Moves Forward

July 9, 2009

Assemblymember Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D. (D-West Covina) saw his proposal to amend California’s Constitution to allow public universities and colleges to consider race in their outreach and retention programs pass out of the Assembly Higher Education Committee today.

“I was very happy to see this bill move forward today,” said Hernandez, “this amendment will help restore equal opportunity in California’s higher education system by strengthening outreach efforts to qualified minorities.”

Hernandez Amendment to Reform Initiative Process Moves Forward

June 23, 2009

California State Assemblymember Dr. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina) saw his constitutional amendment to reform California’s ailing initiative system pass out of the Assembly Committee on Elections and Redistricting today.

“I was glad to see this proposal make progress” said Hernandez, “Our initiative system was created to provide an opportunity for the people to engage in direct democracy, but it has been hijacked by billionaires and special interests with their own agendas. It is time to take it back.”

Dr. Ed takes leadership role for the San Gabriel Valley

December 6, 2007

California State Assemblymember Dr. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina) took on another leadership role Tuesday as the new Chair of the San Gabriel Valley Legislative Caucus.

“I was proud to have the support of my colleagues and I look forward to working together, across the aisle, on issues of importance to the San Gabriel Valley”, said Hernandez.