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NPR w/Robert Siegel: California Raises Smoking Age To 21

June 9, 2016

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to state Sen. Ed Hernandez about California becoming the second state to raise the smoking age to 21. Hernandez authored the bill to raise the smoking age.

USA Today: California raises smoking age starting Thursday

June 8, 2016

A new California law that takes another bold step to limit smoking goes into effect Thursday, raising the age limit to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.

Another new law bans e-cigarettes from public places such as schools, restaurants and hospitals.

California will be the second state in the nation after Hawaii to have an age requirement of 21 to purchase tobacco — a feat which state Sen. Ed Hernandez, author of the bill, says he is excited about. He predicts a "significant drop" in tobacco use.

LA Times: Massachusetts town set example for California by raising smoking age

May 5, 2016

By Jason Song

The roots of California’s new law that raises the smoking age to 21 are in a small town west of Boston.

In 2005, Needham became the first municipality in the United States to ban tobacco sales to anyone under drinking age.

ABC News: California Raises Legal Age to Buy Tobacco From 18 to 21

May 5, 2016

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday approved raising the legal age to buy tobacco for smoking, dipping, chewing and vaping from 18 to 21.

The new law, which will take effect June 9, makes California the second state to raise the legal smoking age to 21. It will not apply to military personnel.

NPR: California Raises Age Of Tobacco Purchase To 21 And Tightens Vaping Rules

May 5, 2016

By Lisa Aliferis

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a sweeping package of tobacco bills into California law on Wednesday, including one that will raise the legal age to buy products from 18 to 21 and another that dramatically tightens restrictions on e-cigarettes.

Sac Bee: Editorial - Jerry Brown signs tobacco control bills, lets us breathe easier

May 4, 2016

California has one of the nation’s most smoke-free reputations. But that image has always been more hard-won than it seems.

Tobacco companies lavish hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to politicians each election cycle. Not coincidentally, efforts to curb the lethal consequences of smoking die every year in one or another legislative committee. There’s a price to be paid for crossing the industry and a reward for currying its favor, and even here, legislators know that.

KQED: Gov. Brown Signs Major Tobacco Bills, Raises Legal Age to 21

May 4, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a sweeping package of tobacco bills into law on Wednesday, including one that will raise the legal age to buy products from 18 to 21 and another that dramaticallytightens restrictions on e-cigarettes.

San Francisco Chronicle: Brown signs bill to raise legal smoking age in California to 21

May 4, 2016

SACRAMENTO — California will raise the smoking age to 21 and regulate popular vaping products the same as cigarettes under sweeping antitobacco legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday.

Under the bills, the state will become the second in the nation to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. The five bills signed by the governor Wednesday will go into effect June 9.

Bill would raise California smoking age to 21

March 10, 2016