2017-18 Legislative Package

SB 17 – Prescription Drugs: Pricing: Notification.

SB 17 requires prior notice to purchasers by drug manufacturers of price increases and requires health plans and insurers to report the proportion of premium dollar spent on prescription drugs.


SB 152 – Medi-Cal

SB 152 requires the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to report semi-annually regarding the enrollment process for Medi-Cal and Covered California, instead of quarterly in existing law.  Requires DHCS to provide a report on the California Childrens Services’ Whole Child Model by the later of January 1, 2021, or three years from the date when all counties in which DHCS is authorized to establish the Whole Child Model program are fully operational, instead of by January 1, 2021 under existing law.


SB 199 – The California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Atlas.

SB 199 requires the California Health and Human Services Secretary to convene an advisory committee, composed of a broad spectrum of health care stakeholders and experts identify the type of data, purpose of use, and entities and individuals that are required to report to, or that may have access to, a health care cost, quality, and equity atlas. This bill is a follow up to SB 1159 (Hernandez), Chapter 727, Statutes of 2016.


SB 222 – Inmate: Health care enrollment.

SB 222 requires the Department of Health Care Services to suspend, rather than terminate, Medi-Cal benefits of inmates until they are released, regardless of the length of the incarceration.


SB 294 – Hospices: palliative care.

SB 294 updates the hospice agency licensing statute to make clear hospice agencies can provide palliative care services to patients who are not on hospice. This bill is a follow up to SB 1004 (Hernandez), Chapter 574, Statutes of 2014.


SB 361 – Maintenance Districts: City of La Puente.

SB 361 permits the City of La Puente to repurpose Lighting District funds, obtained from the County of Los Angeles in 2016, for use in a Lighting and Landscape District.


SB 418 – Public Works: public subsidies.

SB 418 sets an explicit threshold on the amount of public dollars that need to be expended to trigger prevailing wage requirements on projects that are funded through a mixture of private and public funding sources.


SB 443 – Pharmacy: emergency medical services automated drug delivery system.

SB 443 permits a pharmacy or wholesaler to furnish prescription drugs into an EMS automated drug delivery system in a county operated fire department for use on ambulances.


SB 523 - Medi-Cal: emergency medical transport providers: quality assurance fee. 

SB 523 levies a quality assurance fee on ambulance providers, and use the resulting revenue to increase Medi-Cal reimbursement to emergency medical transport providers for emergency medical transports.


SB 557 – Food donations: schools.

SB 557 adds an exemption in law to allow public schools to donate food items to food banks that have been served and replaced on share tables. This bill requires the Department of Education to update guidance for allowing public schools to donate food served in cafeterias to food banks or other food service non-profits.


SB 589 – Municipal separate storm sewer systems: financial capability analysis.

SB 589 creates a pilot project requiring the Los Angeles Regional Board and the State Water Board to conduct a financial capability assessment for compliance with water quality objectives in water quality control plans.


SB 608 - Medi-Cal: Hospital Quality Assurance Revenue Fund: direct grants. 

SB 608 requires direct grants of $154.7 million to designated public hospitals and $112.2 million to non-designated public hospitals from the hospital quality assurance fee over the two quarters of the 2016-17 fiscal year through the 2018-19 fiscal year.


SB 716 - California State Board of Pharmacy: pharmacy technician member.

SB 716 adds a pharmacy technician member to the California State Board of Pharmacy.


SB 743 – Medi-Cal: family planning providers.

SB 743 codifies in California state law the protection of federal free choice of provider for family planning services that has been implemented in California for decades.


SCA 14 – University of California: Office of the President of the University of California: terms of regents.

SCA 14 provides the Legislature with oversight of the University of California Office of the President budget. This constitutional amendment also restructures the University of California Board of Regents by requiring the board to have increased representation from students, faculty, and employees. Additionally, the constitutional amendment shortens regent terms and establishes term limits.